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Fixnetix Data Analytics Platform – Rebooting the Data Paradigm

To understand today's Capital Markets means building analytics based on highly fractured markets. Where a product or a security would have traded on a single venue in the past; today it can trade on multiple venues, in multiple formats, in multiple countries, across multiple types of electronic trading venues.

Each of these trading 'venues' will have its own representation of the data (data model). The Capital Markets have never been more complicated, have never been more transparent and certainly have never been as regulated as they are today.

To succeed in this environment means increasingly complex and expensive data ecosystems. To achieve accurate representation of Capital Markets, you need systems that source, cleanse, qualify and normalise the myriad sources.

  • How do you source all this data?
  • How do you capture all this data?
  • How do you store all this data?
  • How do you normalise all this data?

Well, you don't, we do...

Welcome to Fixnetix Data Analytics Platform (DAP)

Capture. Store. Analyse

Using Fixnetix Global Exchange network, we have created a dedicated industry data utility service, bringing together the best technology power players to deliver GPS stamped Historical market data and the option to include proprietary data. Fixnetix roadmap will provide global equities, options, futures, fixed income, FX and OTC.

The Data Analytics Platform offers centralised capture, storage and analytics on the four primary finance datasets – Market Data, Orders & Executions, Corporate Actions, and Reference Data.

Utilising the Cloud's Strength While Maintaining on Prem Advantages

Cost effective Cloud technology now gives access to large volumes of trusted data in a fast, secure and costefficient manner. Our teams of engineers and finance professionals are harnessing the speed and power of this cutting-edge technology to deliver trading insights to global financial institutions.

Empowering Clients to Analyse Data

We believe Capital Markets insight begins with simple access to richer data. Using Fixnetix Data Analytics Platform allows you to combine low-latency market connectivity, high-precision data sets and sophisticated analytics enabling you to find answers to complex questions. Clients can analyse the data through a dedicated API Toolkit environment, using the in-built library of analytical functions and data display capabilities as well as employing common languages such as C++, Python, SQL, Matlab, Kubernetes, R, and Algo, to mention but a few. Using unique data capture and handling methodology, we have assembled a wide range of high-quality data sets to give you deeper insight into Capital Markets.

Today's Challenge

Fixnetix Data Analytics Platform

Fixnetix Data Analytics Platform

The platform architecture is modular. The core platform provides a common interface for data access, enabling applications to be plugged into the content they require without tightly binding them to data schemas or the underlying process topology.

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