iX-Risk Control is the shopping basket around all Fixnetix Risk products, aimed at ensuring the least amount of risk exposure.

  • Utilisation of Prime Broker member's trading name
  • Full Prime Brokerage risk and limit controls
  • Best of breed technologies are matched with stringent performance SLAs (Service Level Agreements)
  • Limit Pre & Post Trade Risk Exposure with iX-Risk
  • Complete end-to-end full limit control against client, account, venue, long/short and restricted lists
  • Manage limit controls at the client, account, venue and instrument level
  • Gain real time management via an API or front end GUI
  • Receive TOTAL control with permissions, overrides, disabled capabilities and client close out only functions


  • Single digit microsecond performance
  • An embedded hardware based method providing real-time pre-trade risk assessments for multiple parties
  • Market data, risk, execution and compliance filters - in nanoseconds


  • Monitor all trades in real time
  • View all order flow to and from clients and trading venues
  • Single Command & Control to stop trading and cancel all orders over multiple EMS platforms
  • Upload a restricted list to prevent stocks being traded as well as a limits table to adjust the limits in real time
  • Set an FX static entry point as well as a real time P&L tab with portfolio bias warnings