“There are some big opportunities in the FX space for firms who know how use technology to their advantage.”
- Mike O’Hara, High Frequency Trading Review (7 July, 2011)

Fixnetix provides ultra-low latency hosted solutions for FX called iX-FX:

  • Automated and systematic traders have scant nanoseconds to make the difference between being “in the money” and being “picked off”.
  • Ultra-low-latency infrastructure is designed to help increase fill ratios and reduce slippage.
  • Global infrastructure offers bandwidth capacity on demand to manage exponential growth in message rates.
  • 24/7 support of global FX data and trading services.

iX-FX offers the following:

  • Co-located connectivity to all the major electronic trading platforms in the foreign exchange market.
  • Access multi- asset class data centre hosting facilities through one connection.
  • Utilise the Fixnetix proprietary 10-gigabit per second ultra-low latency network.
  • Connect to additional FX liquidity pools from Tier 1.

iX-FX places your algorithmic engines at the closest point to the principal FX ECNs where you trade:

  • iX-FX gets you as close to the matching engines as possible on a fully supported, robust and resilient network.
  • Receive a detailed evaluation of the length of circuit routing between the FX ECN and your own algorithmic trading engine in order to deliver the lowest latency.
  • Always trade locally by utilising millisecond access to every FX ECN via the shortest circuits available.