Fixnetix Cloud (FixCloud)

Fixnetix has brought together, in its existing global footprint, the sweet spot of: elastic compute; proximity at the venue; and real-time data all wrapped up in a trading-participants-only closed user group. Fully supported and managed by Fixnetix service experience and pedigree.

Available Services at the Exchange include: Compute; Storage; Backup as a Service alongside the provision of all other associated capabilities such as PTP; Market data; and trade execution to their applications.

Single Pane Portal
Fixnetix Cloud Diagram

Service Provision & Service Console

Fixnetix can provide a completely managed solution covering all aspects of: service creation; monitoring; configuration management; and maintenance.

Alternatively, the service console capabilities can enable a “self-service” engagement where clients can select aspects of self-service management, always confident that Fixnetix is managing the underlying infrastructure and hypervisor management.