"By their very definition, MTFs are multilateral, which implies a diversity of liquidity participants which is different to more homogenous sources – thus they behave more like a hybrid public market. This is not to say any of this is less valuable. It is liquidity after all and MTF dark pools are definitely important places to go, but algorithms need to account of differences when they trade." The Trade News, 14.07.10

  • Trading MTFs demands all data be available to analyse. Conventional market data simply is neither complete enough nor fast enough to build predictive models with the level of accuracy needed in today's markets
  • Turning that analysis into margin requires more of the same; ultra-low latency data from every pool, synthesized, analysed and transformed into orders that are being executed while competitors using last generation data are still waiting for all the data to arrive

Fixnetix has an all asset class global infrastructure and continuously invests in new technologies to assist with risk controls, speed and compliance. Dark pools are under scrutiny and transparency in trading is now a necessity with reporting, time stamping and immediate responses.

Products such as @source, iX-eCute, iX-Direct, iX-Trade and iX-eye offer valuable outsourced technology choices to ensure more focus on core competencies such as trading.

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