Hedge Funds choose Fixnetix for monitoring of ultra-low latency trading systems and constant innovation.

Our team of experienced financial markets technologists have in-depth understanding of the hedge fund culture and their operational demands.

"High-frequency hedge funds engage in short-term trading opportunities rather than bona fide liquidity-based strategies. ...over the past 18 months the line between high-turnover strategies and HFT has blurred as hedge funds shorten their time horizons in the face of unexpected market events. " Tabb Group 2010

Hedge Fund customers leverage the following to build and run High Frequency Trading systems:

  • Deterministic latencies
  • Unfiltered data
  • Microsecond risk control interface screens direct from matching engines

iX-Risk Control and iX-Eye offer Hedge Funds the ability to code a single API covering stocks, Futures and Options markets while utilising Exchange and MTF members' trading name at the trading venue co-location facility.

Fixnetix works with the biggest hedge funds in the world. We are able to respond to demands and be extremely flexible with all technology requirements.

For more information on Fixnetix solutions for your Hedge Fund, please contact us here.