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In today's financial environment, banks need financial efficiency and the ability to adapt rapidly to market conditions. The dispersal of liquidity among new pools means that speed to market is the new "critical success factor", enabling them to seize in-market and cross-market opportunities while competition is low and margins are high.

For a growing number of markets, High Frequency Trading (HFT) makes up the volumes required for market efficiency. The growing importance of High Frequency Trading (HFT) drives margin within the market to low-latency trades and creates pressure on Prime Brokers to retain and grow their HFT client base.

  • Prime Brokers choose Fixnetix for global markets expertise, innovative technologies, unparalleled supported robust systems, time to market and – perhaps most important! - the lowest possible "all asset class" latency for trading
  • A proven "front to back" solution with a powerful proprietary risk management engine is a crucial component of any HFT trading environment. iX-Eye allows Prime Brokers to control client risk, both pre –trade and post-trade, while integrating bespoke requirements such as restricted stock lists
  • Growing regulatory pressures mean that firms need to deploy risk management tools at the point where the trade is performed, in order to satisfy the increasing reporting requirement. Moreover, regulators are increasingly imposing fines for inability to prove compliance without themselves having to prove that any breach was committed

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