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Fraudsters could be connected to JPMorgan cyberattack
29 July 2015

Four arrests have been made by police in Israel and the US in connection with fraud cases linked to last year’s major hack into JPMorgan Chase.

Deutsche Börse Group to step into Asia
27 July 2015

Having been given the regulatory green light for its clearing house, an application has been submitted by Eurex to establish an exchange in Singapore.

Changing times at the US Treasury
24 July 2015

US regulators consider high-speed computerised trading systems and the culture of super-fast efficiency are at the root of today’s changes in the US Treasury bond market.

CCP patch raises asset manager worries
20 July 2015

A number of the world’s largest asset managers have expressed doubts to the European Commission about how clearing houses utilise investors funds in the event of a member default.

Mass movement towards electronic platforms for corporate bond trading creates need for contingency plans
17 July 2015

Safeguards need to be put in place to ensure that glitches don’t grind operations to a halt.

Why more trading firms are turning to Fixnetix
15 July 2015

Fixnetix offers a broad range of front office trading solutions for customers who operate within the capital markets and holds the trust of some of the most regarded names in the financial community.

Banks present a united front for swaps margin utility
13 July 2015

The number of disputes over margin flows for over-the-counter derivatives may be set to decrease.

Nigeria Exchange readies itself for an overhaul
10 July 2015

The Nigerian Stock Exchange is soon to conclude how best to redevelop the country’s financial markets.

Let's look towards technology to create a fair and effective marketplace
08 July 2015

Jack Davis, Marketing Executive at Fixnetix, looks at the growing impact of technology and electronic trading in the FICC markets.

Calls for Global Guidelines to Fix Confusion Surrounding Trade Reporting
06 July 2015

The financial world has come together to call for measures to address mounting confusion around reporting requirements for trades.

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