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Traders and exchanges cross swords over data costs
12 July 2016

A data arms race is underway in the US financial industry as banks, trading firms and brokerages clamber for the lion’s share of information to help them dominate the financial markets.

Deep end start for new financial regulator
08 July 2016

Andrew Bailey begins his new role as Chief Executive of the Financial Conduct Authority in the stormiest of economic and constitutional waters, as the UK prepares to sail into the uncharted seas of a Brexit.

FinTech venture fund future for Deutsche Börse
05 July 2016

A new venture capital fund aimed at FinTech in capital markets has been established by Deutsche Börse.

BATS Europe launches FTSE rival
20 June 2016

BATS Europe last week launched a rival financial market to the FTSE group of indices to tackle what it describes as a “monopolised” market.

US Treasury Steps Closer to HFT Cooperation
09 June 2016

As alternative platforms and high speed technology increasingly influence the shape of the global financial industry, the biggest clearing house for US Treasuries may respond by opening its doors to high-frequency trading companies.

Criticism mounts on IEX application
27 May 2016

IEX’s ambition to achieve full exchange status took another blow recently following an argument from Nasdaq put to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Fixnetix Generating Growth on an International Scale
26 May 2016

In recent weeks, a wave of fresh talent has joined Fixnetix as the company begins to see rapid uptake in demand for services following the company’s acquisition by CSC in September 2015.

Tough times ahead for the US Brokerage industry?
23 May 2016

Cutbacks are on the cards, according to the man who owns Interactive Brokers.

Tullet Prebon deal puts ICAP closer to dynamic rebrand
18 May 2016

A major re-brand is in store for ICAP once Tullet Prebon takes over the interdealer broker’s global operations.

Singapore & UK Strike New FinTech Agreement
16 May 2016

A new relationship has been struck between Singapore and the UK that could see the development of a FinTech ‘bridge’.

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