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US judge dismisses dark pool lawsuit against Barclays
01 September 2015

A district court judge in the US has thrown out a lawsuit brought against Barclays and several US exchanges, that accused the bank of fixing its dark pool trading venue in favour of high frequency traders.

China seeks to expel high frequency "spoof" traders
26 August 2015

Regulators in China are clamping down on spoofing in a bid to rid the industry of price manipulators. Recent stock market disruption has also contributed to anxieties about their financial infrastructure.

FinTech and Consolidation in the Capital Markets
24 August 2015

Advances in information technology, regulations and globalisation over the past decade have brought dramatic change to the financial industry.

Report blames new regulation for trading slump in bond markets
20 August 2015

A study released by two of the financial industry’s most powerful lobbying groups says regulators need to revise sections of the post-crash supervisory infrastructure.

Regulators clampdown on dark pools
18 August 2015

Investment Technology Group (ITG) is the latest broker to be hit by fines for holding back key transaction data.

World exchanges turn to high-frequency trading firms
10 August 2015

High-frequency traders (HFTs) are being attracted to exchanges further afield in countries such as Mexico, Turkey and South Africa as more bourses around the world seek to boost business.

Five years down the line: Dodd-Frank
07 August 2015

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was created on 21st July 2010. Still growing, its pages of regulation today number 22,296 – that’s a rise of over 550% on the first year release tally of 4,049.

A brief look at Fixnetix's place within capital markets FinTech
31 July 2015

Since the financial crash in 2008, the marketplace has steadily filled with financial technology (FinTech) start-ups, pioneering a new technological dawn in the world of the capital markets.

Fraudsters could be connected to JPMorgan cyberattack
29 July 2015

Four arrests have been made by police in Israel and the US in connection with fraud cases linked to last year’s major hack into JPMorgan Chase.

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