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Hardwired – FX Trading in a Chip
05 November 2015

Dr Marcus Perrett, Director of Technology and Development at Fixnetix, discusses the benefits of FPGA hardware in FX trading

US bank backlash against collateral rules on derivatives trade
03 November 2015

Banks have reacted strongly to new rules signed off by US regulators, put in place to lower risk of trading esoteric derivatives.

European regulation could thwart London's plans to be a hub for Asian derivatives trading
21 October 2015

Fears are rising in the City that regulation coming out of Europe could obstruct Britian’s road to becoming the main offshore base for Chinese finance.

Hilary Clinton puts high-frequency trading in her sights
19 October 2015

Wading into the debate on equity market microstructure, Hillary Clinton says she wants a tax on high-frequency trading.

Trading restrictions hit China's futures market
14 October 2015

Recent trading curbs designed to discourage aggressive speculators have ripped into China’s stock index futures market.

Nasdaq Looks to Dark Pool Surveillance
12 October 2015

Nasdaq is now rolling out new software designed to target underhand dealings in off-exchange equities trading, as it moves in to take control of dark pools away from the banks.

Currency fix may lead to loss of business for banks
09 October 2015

Independent platforms may be about to poach market share of currency trading from the big banks.

More banks commit to blockchain
07 October 2015

The financial industry has taken another step towards embracing blockchain technology following the agreement of 13 more banks to support the initiative.

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